Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SOCHE Presentation

Sarah, McLean, and I presented at the 2011 Ohio Higher Education Sustainability Conference. The conference took place at Sinclair Community College and was hosted by the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) and the Ohio Board of Regents. The event hosted various speakers on higher education and the work being done to collaborate and provide students and the community opportunities to become more sustainable. We shared with the group the Rivers Institute and highlighted the many projects we participate in with U.D. and the community.

Sarah shared information on the Rivers Institute and our goals to connect U.D. and the community to the river. Also, she described our dedication to undergraduate education and research based on the river.
McLean and I were able to share our experiences as part of the Rivers Institute and their connections to collaboration. McLean discussed how her experiences in mini-course have impacted her views on environmental/social justice policies and acquiring an internship with Advocates for Basic Legal Equality.
I talked about how experiences in the River Stewards program have impacted my view on education as well as the immeasurable experience being the educational outreach intern has lent to my views on community engagement and role as a future teacher.