Tuesday, May 31, 2016

ACA Training


To start off the summer, River Stewards, including Sarah Berger, Jason Demeter, Julia Hall, Wallace Huggett, Abbi Kuhn, Jeff Malik, and Meg Maloney, took kayak training from our friends at Five Rivers Metro Parks and obtained our Level 1 Kayak Certification. To put our new skills to the test, we are going to share what we’ve learned with the IDEAS teaching strategy.

The summer team is off to an OUTstanding start.

We spent a day in the classroom learning about safety and teaching strategies and a day on the lake practicing our paddling skills and rescue techniques.

Now that we are certified kayak instructors, we will be better prepared to make paddles safer and more enjoyable for all participants.

We worked hard, learned a lot, got dunked in cold water, and got a little (or very) sunburnt.



Summary: To summarize, we were super cold and tired by the end of it, but we all passed and
   had a blast!


Thanks so much to Five Rivers Metro Park and (Captain) Erik Dahlstrom!!