Saturday, September 27, 2014

Exploring Our History at Carillon Park

Today, the 2016 and 2017 cohorts went on a field trip to Carillon Historical Park. The museum has an immense amount of Dayton history, ranging from replicas and original pieces of history to the various buildings themselves. In the Wright Bother’s Aviation Center, the walls are filled with nostalgic artifacts of Dayton’s most famous residents. They have two bikes Oliver and Wilbur built. Only three others exist in the world! They also have one of the original airplanes they flew. It is impressive to understand how much time and thought were put into every creation and how they inspired new entrepreneurs to innovate even to this day.


In addition to the various inventions Dayton is known for, the museum also discusses the Great Flood of 1913. Along with the interactive show that simulates the experience of the rain and floods, there is a hall dedicated to the disaster. The building contains firsthand accounts of the survivors and features a boat that the National Cash Register built to save the trapped citizens. It is amazing to learn how John Patterson stopped the manufacturing of his cash registers to build these boats.

 This is a true representation of understanding community assets; He had his workers operating for the city, not for him. I find this honorable and humble. This is another connection to the Rivers Institute. We, river stewards, find ways to strategize and benefit the city. Our goal is to use the water as an asset and work towards all citizens building positive relationships with our rivers. Our city’s relationship with its rivers sure has come a long way since 1913!


2017 Cohort