Saturday, February 9, 2013

Honeysuckle 0, Gaskins 1

Today, I had the opportunity to work with BW Greenway (BWG) volunteers at Anderson Fen in a fierce battle to eliminate the invasive Honeysuckle plant.  BWG is a group, similar to the River Stewards in some regards. Essentially, BWG has a vision and mission to protect and restore land and water resources between Beaver Creek and Wenrick Wetland by a cohesive community. Sound familiar? It should. Like the Stewards, this diverse group of volunteers recognize the value of Dayton’s watershed and they’ve identified that a strong interconnected community plays an essential part in protecting and promoting the water as an asset to everyone. All in all, I had a great time with this band of warriors who heroically demolish Honeysuckle in the name of conservation. The scrimmage was a test, but we can out on top.

Chalk that up as a win!

Interested in volunteering:

Saturday, February 2, 2013

river poems

I just wanted to share two short river poems/poem bits that I wrote a while back. Enjoy!
-Katie (River Steward Alum '10)

like the polarity of H2O molecules writ large
the magnetism of water draws people in to listen
and the river has many voices
            the soothing, quiet hush: asking you to find
                      peace inside yourself
            the babbling chatter: telling you of its passing news
            the loud, triumphant roar: demanding your respect
                      and attention

Before, I was like a sycamore seed
lost in the desert,
but now that my thirst is awakened
and I've started to sprout
I'm left alone with the growing pains
still, one day I'll shade the banks of that Great River
           my heart calls home
but until then,
my roots will long for purchase
and every sound of water holds the promise of someday