Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Quick Summer!

Hello Readers, and happy end of July!

I would like to take a minute to say that I CANNOT BELIEVE MY SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER! Where did it go?!  I am sure that many other River Stewards are thinking the same thing.  I am also sure that I am not the only one who is really pumped for the upcoming paddle with the ‘baby’ stews! 

There are some good reasons that my summer has been such a whirlwind.  I started off the summer planning on staying home in Pittsburgh for the summer, but then I ended up with an internship in Dayton, living on Wright State University’s campus and going back home most weekends to spend time with my family and animals (animals being 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 horses... not to mention the 2 pigs!). 

So, what does one do with their free time when living in an apartment at WSU? Visit Huffman Dam!  Huffman Dam is really beautiful, especially at sunset ,and is only a few miles from where I have lived this summer.  It is a great place to go on a run to, and stop and take a moment to enjoy the trees bending softly into the Mad River as you stand on top of Huffman Dam.  Don’t forget about Huffman Lake, a truly hidden gem tucked above the Dam just around the river bend (the Pocahontas pun was intended!).  Also, a new section of the bike trail was just completed at Huffman Dam, check it out!  

Huffman Dam is not the only Five Rivers MetroPark that I have been able to explore!  I have climbed the tree tower at Cox Arboretum, explored small paths at Wegerzyn Gardens, gazed at the city of Dayton from Deeds Point, seen children enjoying the water feature at Island MetroPark, and of course been involved in the sights and sounds of Dayton at RiverScape!  I would highly recommend taking a bike or jogging shoes from RiverScape (or campus!) and head along the Mad River Bikeway where you can pass through Deeds Point, Island MetroPark, and stop at Wergerzyn Gardens to enjoy a breather and some beautiful plant life!  
It is an awesome way to enjoy several MetroParks in one day!

As the summer is coming to a close I am getting ready for my junior year.  My books should be arriving soon and before I know it I will be back at UD sitting in KL.  The only problem is that I am beginning to have the reoccurring dream that I missed my first class and I was not prepared at all for school… 

River Love,

Electrical Engineering Major
2015 Cohort