Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's ALIVE!!!

"It's ALIVE!!!" was exactly what I was thinking when I went to Adventure Central last week. That week I saw for myself these incredibly adorable roots emerging from Red Oak acorns.  These acorns, collected and cared for by the joint effort of River Stewards and Adventure Central, help tell the story of the 2015 Cohort capstone project.

Red Oak Acorns: Just look at those roots grow!

It may be terribly cliche to compare the growth of these acorns to the growth of the relationship between the 2015 Cohort and the Purple Group at Adventure Central... but I can't help but smile when I see this growing process reflected in the existence of these tiny acorns.

Since these Red Oak acorns were beginning to grow roots they were transplanted into growing tubes, labeled, and watered by some of the members of the Purple Group.  Check out their great work!

I promise that this isn't just dirt labeled "red" (there is Red Oak acorns inside those tubes)!

William, like his peers, is becoming an acorn growing pro!
With the warm temperatures in the basement of Adventure Central, and the care from the Purple Group, these Red Oaks were sure to do well.  I was not expecting, however, to go to Adventure Central this week and actually see beautiful green leaves!

Happy and well cared for little Red Oaks!
The reason why I think seeing the Red Oaks sprout is so awesome (and why you should think it is awesome too) is that there has been so much done to make this all happen.  It all started in the Fall when we (River Stewards and Adventure Central) worked together to start learning about collecting and growing nuts and seeds.  This learning process continued as nut collections were done, and bags upon bags of acorns were collected.  Then, as mother nature took over, the 2015 Cohort and the Purple Group continued to foster the project relationship with weekly visits to Adventure Central, and a University of Dayton campus tour hosted by the River Stewards for the Purple Group.

The best part is that there is still more fun (and growing) to be had! Next weekend (on Feb. 28th), the 2015 Cohort will be facilitating a scavenger hunt / River Steward crash course for the Purple Group.  Keep an eye out for Adventure Central vans as they travel around downtown Dayton on February 28th, and find our table at the River Summit on March 20th where we will have our project on display.

So, while the cold Ohio weather makes you shiver this week, I hope that your heart will be warmed when you think of the happy Red Oaks in the basement of Adventure Central!

Peace, Love, and "Grow-light Warmth",

Rachel Bachmann
2015 Cohort
Electrical Engineering Major