Friday, October 30, 2009

RLC Seminar: Student Learning Outcomes Brainstorm Session

Last Saturday, October 24th, students, faculty, and community partners, met at ArtStreet for the RLC Student Learning Outcomes Brainstorming Seminar. Approximately 30 students, faculty, and community partners came together for a half day session of brainstorming. Dr. Steve Wilhoit from the LTC facilitated the brainstorming. He introduced student learning outcomes (SLOs), how they can be beneficial, and how to formualte them. There were small group discussions as well. Many great ideas were generated by the groups. Within the larger group, individuals indicated which outcomes they found most important to the curriculum. Now, the SLOs will be condensed based on those that were indicated as important. Once the list of SLOs are complied and condensed (down to four or five), we will be able to make the next steps in the curriculum development.

Thanks to all who attended the seminar!
Please see the link below for minutes from the seminar as well as other RI meetings:

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