Tuesday, May 18, 2010

North Fork Massie Creek Stream Restoration Project

Jason and I went to the North Fork Massie Creek Stream Restoration site. The restoration project was done to improve water quality and habitat for streams. “Natural channel design is used to create a stable stream channel that is self-maintaining.” (From handout received at tour). Restoration included re-digging curves into streams and creating “layers” along the banks, thus improving vegetation and sediment flow. “This approach creates a stable channel, reduces bank erosion, improves the flow capacity of the stream, reduces the need for ongoing maintenance and improves stream habitat and water quality.” The budget for this project was $1,705,500 for a 2.2 mile strip of the creek. The pictures show the added rocks. The rocks are meant to focus the flow of the water to the center of the creek to prevent erosion of the banks. Very cool!

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