Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Stew's Trip to Togo

I had a wonderful summer in Togo, Africa. I was warmly welcomed by the people and had a life changing experience. We originally went to Togo to build latrines but upon arrival we found out that an NGO had already built them. We then talked to the village chief and his counsel about how we could help their village. The village chief came to us and said that we could help his village by designing and building a soccer field. The World Cup was going on in South Africa so everyone had soccer fever. We figured that the soccer field would allow the children in the village to make lifelong friendships with other village soccer teams as well as become a place where the community could gather and celebrate. We designed the soccer field to be regulation size so tournaments could be held. In the end, everyone was very happy. In thanksgiving the village chief gave us a bucket of yams, one live cock, and our choice of the village women to marry. I enjoyed the yams and chicken.

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