Monday, March 7, 2011

New 1913?

I was reading a copy of the Dayton Daily News today and stumbled upon the article about the flooding in the area: the paper edition, it shows a large picture of Taylorsville Dam witthe water level nearly reaching the grass. If you guys remember, this is where we start orientation. Remember the calm, peaceful water as we put our boats in? The images today and yesterday of the river show gushing water, almost looking like rapids. It made me think of the show I watched the other day, and how relative depth area. I was watching 'Hooked' on National Geographic the other night (crazy show about wild fishing adventures all over the world, kind of like river monsters) and they were on the Congo River doing research on the some estimated 300,000 species of fish. The river was estimated, by the scientific team, to be deeper than 8500 ft in certain spots. The rapids, along an 80 mile stretch, are insurpassable by boat other than kayak. The episode showed four kayakers take on the huge rapids and whirpools. It's a great episode, if you get a chance to watch it. Here's a bit showing the rapids and some fish of the river: in Dayton, some areas are flooded just past 12 ft, like in Sidney. In the DRC, the Congo River is 100x the depth of the flooded Great Miami. It is scary for the locals here to think back to the 1913 flood, and the damage current levels might cause. Then you compare it to the monstrous size and power of the Congo, and the local peoples' scary situation, with their dependency on such an unstable resource (besides the civil war and dangerous rebel-controlled areas along the river).

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