Friday, September 9, 2011

River Leadership Curriculum Week #1

The new semester has begun!

This new semester brings a re-vamped River Leadership Curriculum. This past summer Rivers Institute interns Nicole Goettemoeller and Lindsay Rynne worked on revising the RLC. Studying feedback from students and Leadership Team members Nicole and Lindsay developed beneficial changes to the RLC. With week one complete, we have seen one of those changes in action. Nicole and Lindsay developed two opportunities for the RLC students to meet our UD and Dayton partners in the very first class. In the first half of the class, the students participated in a meet and greet with faculty, staff, and community partners. This gave the students the chance to sit down face to face with partners that will be presenting during the semester. The partners also got a chance to meet the students and learn more about them. The second half of the class brought the RLC students to the community they will be learning about and interacting in. Nicole and Lindsay designed a tour that took the students to downtown Dayton. The above picture is of the students on the bus hearing from our partners on the tour of Dayton. They met Dusty Hall and Mike Ekberg while learning about Miami Conservancy District, they met Amy Dingle at Riverscape to learn about Five Rivers Metroparks, and they met Felicia Graham while learning about the City of Dayton Water Department. With the addition of the meet and greet and the tour, we feel the students received a better introduction to the class and who it involves. This class of 16 students is comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors from a variety of majors. We are very excited about the re-vamped River Leadership Curriculum and for the chance to engage more students in the curriculum.

Please check back to this blog for more updates on the River Leadership Curriculum!

Here's to a great semester!

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