Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White Lick Creek, Avon IN

Hello all!

Yesterday my dad and I canoed along the small creek that runs in the back of my neighborhood. We put in at a park just up the road from where I live and paddled down stream about 17 miles, maneuvering our way around rocks and fallen trees. Endorsing the average speeds recorded by paddlers online, my dad predicted we would complete the stretch in just over an hour. I wagered closer to 3 hours as my own experience with this portion of the creek suggested a lengthier duration of travel.

Fortunately, the creek water was high and healthy from a recent rain and the rushing current facilitated our journey over boulders and rocks.

Nonetheless, we endured a somewhat painful learning curve at least initially.
Unlike the Mad River in Dayton, White Lick Creek is narrow and windy and in some places, covered with overhanging limbs and brush, making for a tricky paddle.

But even as I accidentally (but secretly on purpose) steered us under tree trunks, there was no harm done.

For the record we saw 1 beaver, 3 herons, 5 mallards, 3 hens, and 1 family of ducks.


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