Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Outdoor Excitement (MOX anyone?)

       Today was a gorgeous fall day with full sunshine for most of the day and a light breeze rolling across campus. However last week was as frigid as ever and next week we are forecasted to get snow possibly. This shows us yet again how crazy the weather in Ohio is. Roll back the clock 6 weeks and the weather was like today at the beginning of Fall Break.

       Over Fall Break I attended and volunteered at M.O.X. (Midwestern Outdoor Experience – formerly GearFest) at the kayaking station. Even though it was sunny and gorgeous out I still bundled up in tights, pants, and all the techwick layers I owned in preparation for kayaking. We were one of the first volunteers at kayaking so we got to pick kayaks and hop in the water right away. There was a big stretch of open water to the right of the docks and then a loop that took you through some trees and under a bridge on the left. I was in heaven as soon as I hopped in the kayak and pushed off the dock since I was slotted to kayak for the whole day – really, what could be better than that?

       Soon people began hopping in kayaks and testing them out which was also awesome to see how excited they got and how much people enjoyed paddling. For the next few hours I paddled around, answered questions about the correct ways to paddle and turn, and checked in to make sure people were having fun. It was also a splendid day because we only had one person dunk themselves in the morning and one in the evening! Around three o’clock I switched with another volunteer and took charge of life jackets – which was also exciting because now I could talk to more people about MOX and kayaking. I answered questions, fitted people with life jackets and wished them a great time on the water. Many people loved kayaking and canoeing so much they barely wanted to get out of the water at the end of the day!

       I enjoyed my time at M.O.X., not just because of all the kayaking I got to experience but also because I got to see how excited people can get their first time in a kayak or canoe. I really enjoyed being a part of so many people’s first outdoor water experiences and hope this day will be the inspiration for some to try it again or do more activities outdoors! I can’t wait for next year!

Get your paddles ready,
Abigail Spohn

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