Sunday, April 21, 2013

River Mobile, Water ATM, and Huffman Dam

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Well, it’s official… I am no longer a “Baby Stew”!  As much as it would be nice to stay a “baby” for a little bit longer (because not being a “baby stew” anymore just means I am that much closer to graduating which is scary and exciting all in one!) I am really, really excited to welcome in the new stews, and continue my journey as a River Steward.  There are still more hours to be had along the rivers, in the River Mobile, and with my fellow stews.

Speaking about the River Mobile, if you have not seen it you need to, and if you have you should stop in again anyway because I know of many fellow River Stewards (including myself) who would be really happy to give you a tour!  The River Mobile is truly a labor of love.  It takes part muscle, part coaxing, and part patience to assemble the stairs, wrap the trailer in skirts, cover the doors with awnings, and set up the tents so that it is ready to go (plus a few more details in set-up).  It is all worth it, however, because it is an awesome way to share our knowledge, and lead others so that they can become stewards.

One of the “Hear and Now” panels in the River Mobile (found in the middle classroom on the trailer that shows the water cycle, where our water goes when you turn on the tap, and explains the aquifer) shows that in Dayton our aquifer is an excellent water resource, and elsewhere around the globe people don’t have access to such great resources.  Recently, I learned about “Water ATM’s”.  In a nutshell a “Water ATM” provides clean and reliable water for those who live in the “last mile” and do not have access to the larger filtration stations (which are a part of the same “water system”) found in town.  The whole concept, from the larger filtration units found in towns to the water ATM’s found further out, is run locally.  As a student studying engineering this design is really exciting because it is solving a problem on an appropriate local level (in other words it is great design).   As a River Steward it is exciting to see people around the world focus their attention on water, and it is a reminder that positive change is always possible!  Check out the articles below to see pictures and read about the water ATMs.  


The pictures below show my cohort, the 2015 cohort, at Huffman Dam where we went to enjoy the outdoors and reflect together as a cohort.  We visited the Huffman Dam during one of our mini courses, bringing our journey as "babies" full circle from when we began our orientation paddle at the Taylorsville Dam.

From left to right: Kyle, Saehan, Peter, Abigail (purple jacket), Hailey, Megan (red sweatshirt), Katelyn, and Jeanmarie

From left to right: Megan, Abigail, Katelyn, Hailey, Jeanmarie, Saehan, Kyle, and Peter

River Love,

Rachel Bachmann
2015 Cohort
Electrical Engineering Major


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