Sunday, November 17, 2013

SunWatch Tour and Service

It was none other than a sunny day at the SunWatch Village. My fellow Stews and I, fresh out of orientation to the program, met and traveled to a unique place right here in the city of Dayton. Still learning what kind of people everyone was this trip really opened up each and everyone’s desire to learn and serve. The beginning portion of our trip consisted of a learning portion. We talked about the rich history at SunWatch consisting of the creation of the small village to its decline. Some unique facts about this village are the uncovering of rocks only native to the Gulf of Mexico and an ancient burial site right on the premise. We than transferred our focus to the serving side. Some picnic tables needed housed for the fast approaching winter months and we were just the right people to do it. We set a record time and built a little muscle doing it! It was such a special experience and definitely something I would like to experience again.

One fellow Stew...

- John Weniger

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