Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where it is still warm: the Bahamian Islands

Hello River Friends!

I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the Bahamas during my winter break. Around so much water it was hard not to think about, well, water!  It is not new news that people everywhere depend on water (whether they know it or not), but in some places people depend on water much more than others.  On a small island in the Bahamas water both destroys and provides growth.  A reef on the coast at the island I was staying at was destroyed, not because of humans, but because a hurricane deposited sand into the reef.  On another part of the coast a hurricane took away the white sand that made up the whole beach.  For me, this was a reminder that it isn't just humans that may destroy wildlife habitat.  Although, this does not mean that humans can’t still help care for places so unaffected by humans like the Bahamian Island of Man-O-Way Cay. 

On the white sand beach and very blue water of the Bahamas a beach cleanup was organized by some local Bahamians.  Naturally, after seeing some posters (meant for locals) I decided that it was an excellent idea to crash the beach cleanup.  

Cleanup crew in the distance

Help was needed to remove this heavy rope!

Evidence of the amount of garbage collected

Obviously the view was awful (I am kidding, it's gorgeous!)

It was really great to work alongside people that care about where they live and that it stays beautiful, and refreshing to interact with people that really work with the environment that they live in.  

Thankfully, there are river stewards and ocean stewards elsewhere in the world, and if I ever see another poster to help do a cleanup while traveling I would definitely try to participate again!

River Love,

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