Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outdoor Adventures

Throughout my time as a student at UD, I have realized how important it is to get off UD’s campus and “break the bubble”.  As a River Steward, I have realized that it is even better to get off campus and seek the serenity of the forests and parks.  The forest is somewhere where I feel calm and relaxed while enjoying the scenery, the smell of the leaves, and the cool breeze on the trail.  Not only this, but I can enjoy the company of many of my fellow stews.  Throughout last semester, we went on a variety of adventures.  Some of these adventures included hiking in John Bryan State Park while also rock climbing, cave exploring, and swimming in the river.  Other adventures included riding on the bike trails to Huffman Dam and to the local festival, Midwest Outdoor Experience.  And even in the cold days of winter, we bundled up and went hiking in the snow at Possum Creek MetroPark.  
Bike trip to Huffman Dam
Through all of these activities, I have learned about the great sense of adventure of River Stewards, and their awesome attitude towards trying new things.  I have also learned about how hanging outside in this beautiful place we live makes me to truly appreciate the beauty of nature.  I remember one of the speakers from minicourse this semester said that in order to protect the rivers, you have to respect them.  I think that getting out and interacting with the forests, parks, and the rivers will make us better River Stewards and more willing to protect the environment in which we live.  In getting out into nature, we grow to appreciate the beauty around us and discover that it’s our duty to protect it.  I encourage you to get outside and enjoy yourself; it’s pretty cool out there.

River Love,

Dan Striebich

2016 Cohort

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