Friday, July 1, 2016

Rec Kids and the Mad River

As the end of June is upon us, the beginning of new adventure and excitement is emerging. The Rivers Institute Summer Team had the wonderful opportunity to host three different organizations on paddling programs. It was a true blessing to be able to build new relationships with children and adults in the Dayton community. It was also a beautiful week to enjoy the outdoors and Dayton’s water resources.
On June 21st, Professor Richard Bendula and his summer geology course joined the Rivers Institute Summer Team on the Mad River to travel down to Riverscape Metro Park. This particular program presented the unique opportunity to communicate with a diverse group of students because all of the students were from Saudi Arabia. We were able to have a great conversation about Dayton’s water resources, as well as the importance of conserving Saudi Arabia’s limited groundwater supply. Even though we were from completely different countries, there was one aspect of our countries that united us allwe all depend on our water resources for prosperity and wellbeing.
The following day, the Summer Team joined the REC Kids camp to paddle in the indoor pool with their campers. This day will stand out as one of the most enjoyable days of the year. The children participating in the camp had a lot of fun energy and excitement. It was an absolute blast to see young children smile and enjoy themselves in the kayaks. The children were having so much fun that some of the campers never wanted to get out of the kayaks. The children were a joy to watch and hopefully are inspired to get back into a kayak in the future. Thank you REC Kids for the smiles and laughs.
On Friday the 24th, we unpacked the Rivers Institute kayaks at Findlay Street where we went over paddling basics and safety tips with the lovely Berry Scholars. After helping everyone into their kayaks, we had an enjoyable and relaxed paddle. A rainfall the day before had the river running a little more swift than earlier in the week. We were given the opportunity to share the knowledge that we have acquired over the past few weeks about the riparian zones and the surrounding areas such as the water treatment plant.
Overall, it was an amazing week for growth, fun, and safety.

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