Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part One of Documentary

So, you can watch this in class whenever you want. I hope you enjoy. I cannot put it onto youtube because Windows Movie Maker will not allow me to save the file as anything other than a .wmv file, which youtube won't accept (computers are freaking annoying!). Also, my camera records video in a .mov file, which I had to convert in the first place to import into Windows Movie Maker! (I hate you too, Microsoft!) Does anybody have another video editing software that allows one to save movies as mpeg4's? Could you perchance copy the disc and send it to me, please? It would really help with future videos. (Windows Movie Maker is very limited. But what else can I use for free that isn't loaded with viruses?)

Thanks, playaz.

Look for the next episode in the coming weeks.

River Love,




  1. HA! Nolan this is great. And hilarious!!! My favorite part is that you longed to put your icy hands next to your warm torso but did not allow yourself to do so. :D
    I'm glad you're having fun and exploring in France! Can't wait to see the next video!

  2. the video isn't loading.....technical difficulties, UGH!!!!

  3. it's working now - Awesome! Looking forward to the next update :)

  4. Nolan, you are a poet.
    I like your style.
    It's reminiscent of NPR
    submissions of creative writing.
    You should contact them.
    Foreign Correspondent,
    Nolan Nicaise.


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