Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 2 Holy Angels

This week at Holy Angels, students experienced visitors from another time period! How did this happen you ask? Gretchen and Franz Berkemeier took on roles as "Running Water," a Native American and Israel Ludlow, Dayton's first land surveyor. Through their skit, students were able to form arguments for a debate to take place in class on floods. The subject of the debate being, "Should people settle on the floodplain?"

Another great oppurtunity awaits as next Friday we will meet again with the students of Holy Angels.

Thanks go to Franz, Gretchen, McLean, Ann, and Maggie for all of their hard work!

Check out their great work!


  1. A big thanks also goes to Bethany for taking on the planning and overall logistics of the project....and, as always, Tracey Horan for developing the curriculum "The Makings of a River City". This is truly a great opportunity for the Rivers Institute to "test" our Rivermobile concept in the classroom!!!

    "I am LOVING this program. The activities and lessons are wonderful. My 5th graders are excited about what you are doing with them." Mrs. Chris McDermott

    "Your program is going great. The Stewards are doing a fine job. Our students are learning a lot and enjoying it too."
    Mrs. Mary Lynn Dresher

  2. Good work Gretchen & Franz! I was cracking up the whole time and I think the kids really enjoyed it! They really got into the debate and had some interesting ideas to say the least. From the wall of China, to trenches, to animals fertilizing the hills... they definitely think outside the box!

  3. i loved watching the kids engage in the story- i was entertained too! they did a great job and i would gladly go back and do it again!


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