Sunday, April 11, 2010

River Stander Day Events

Hello All!

I hate to put this on the blog, but it seemed easiest.

So, as many of you know, UD's Stander Symposium is this Wednesday April 14th. I have several things to present that day and I welcome all of you to come to any or all that you would like. Most of you know that I'm a pretty modest person, but seeing as I'm a graduating senior this year, and I've worked really hard on these projects, I'd like to share them. Please do not feel obligated to come, I just wanted to invite everyone who's helped, inspired, and supported me at UD.
Thanks so much and see below for the schedule. (Many of these include other River Stewards including the Seniors and Leah)

Stander Day, Wednesday April 14th

10:30am-12pm Poster session KU Ballroom - Here I will have a poster presenting all of the scientific data and analysis I did for my honors thesis on the upper Great Miami River

1pm-2pm Senior River Steward Presentation KU 207 - The first ever graduating cohort of River Stewards will be presenting about our experience in the program and our senior project.

3pm-4pm Katie's Thesis Presentation KU 312 - This will be my presentation of the journey of my interdisciplinary honors thesis. Less technical and more about the process, history, photography, and experience of paddling over 100 miles of the Great Miami River.

8:30am-5pm Dayton Alive, Art Exhibit, ArtStreet Studio E - Leah Winnike and I are doing an installation piece focused on Dayton, water, sense of place, etc. This is my first big, real, art exhibit! (I will only be here in the morning from 8:30ish -10am and from about 4pm-5pm) However, this installation will most likely be up until Friday so contact me if you want to see it but can't make it on Stander day!

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