Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ASI 345 - Week 4

For class 4, students explored more of the Great Miami watershed as well as their hometown watershed. Felicia Graham, Environmental Compliance Coordinator for the City of Dayton’s Water Department, discussed Dayton’s storm water system and what the city does to protect our rivers. The presentation stressed personal responsibility andexamined Dayton’s drinking water history. The class then had a chance to tour the city’s camera truck which is used to examine and monitor the inside of storm drains.

Sister Leanne Jablonski facilitated the second part of the class focusing on each student’s hometown watershed. The homework assignment for the class was to identify their connection to their watershed and conduct research on their drinking water source, the health of their rivers and other pertinent information. After discussing their finding in small groups, each student located their watershed on a map and shared something interesting they discovered and something they still wondered with the class. The exercise provided an opportunity for the students to learn about each other while engaging in their own watershed as well as Dayton’s.

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