Friday, October 15, 2010

ASI 345 - Week 6

Staying true to an experiential nature, the class went on its fourth fieldtrip in six weeks. How else could we expect the class to experience the power of river city without taking them downtown? The majority of the class took place in Five Rivers Recreation Department’s offices.

Dr. Janet Bednarek began the class with a discussion of the reading and presentation on the evolution of Pittsburgh as a river city. Greg Brumitt, Director of Recreation at Five Rivers, led the second part of the class examining Dayton as a river city and recent efforts to revitalize the region through our water resources. More specifically, the Greg chronicled the evolution of the low dam removal discussion in recent years.

The session ended with a walk along the levy walls at RiverScape and a discussion of options for making our rivers safer and more accessible in the future.

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