Monday, October 25, 2010

News from Maine

Hello All!
I hope this post finds you well. I've sent out an email through Leslie that has a video update I've prepared for your viewing pleasure.
But, in case you haven't seen this already, here's a little something I've been up to in Maine.
Love and miss you all!

p.s. You can't see the description for this video I put on YouTube so I'll copy it here:

"Ok, so this is proof that I have indeed learned to roll, but that I also need lots more practice.
Keep in mind, this was definitely not my best roll, especially because I knew the pressure was on from the camera recording (and also because my instructor was cute!)"


  1. Way to go Katie, so amazing!! Hope you are loving Maine!

  2. good job, Katie - keep working on it and you will love paddling those Maine rivers in springtime!


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