Thursday, November 4, 2010

ASI 345 - Week 10

Week 10 examined the regional-local continuum and how people perceive issues based on their understanding of a city or region. Janet Bednarek used several examples to show the different ways people identify the cities and regions they live in. Prior to class, the students participated in an online discussion about social issues surrounding rivers and how those issues can be viewed from a local or regional perspective. St. Louis was discussed as an example of how a river can serve as an economic and racial divide.

During the second half of the class Stan Kegley, Project Manager for the city of Troy, discussed Troy’s efforts to leverage the river as an asset for the city and the region. The Treasure Island River Series in Troy began several years and has moved forward while continuing to seek funding. The city hopes the Tin Roof restaurant and the river series will bring more people and attention to the river while making Troy and other cities along the river a destination.

Stan also began a discussion of Ohio’s Great Corridor which will continue in following weeks. Ohio’s Great Corridor focuses on advertising and promoting local and regional events and amenities throughout the Miami Valley.

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