Monday, November 8, 2010

The Dayton Development Coalition

On Friday, Maureen Patterson came to speak to us representing the Dayton Development Coalition.

“The Dayton Development Coalition is the regional economic development and advocacy organization whose mission is to support job creation and prosperity for the citizens of the Dayton Region. Working as a public/private partnership, we are growing the Dayton Region, and we are one of the most livable regions in America.” (from the website)

This organization is made up of a Board of Trustees ranging from a wide variety of occupations such as Dr. Daniel Curran, the President of our University of Dayton as well as many other academic and corporate committee members. Their focus in the Dayton region is on assets, universities, businesses, the workforce, and the community. In promoting this area, the four main types of businesses targeted are: Information Technology, Aerospace Research and Development, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, and Human Sciences and Healthcare. The Dayton Development Coalition decided that these types of businesses would share in the most beneficial relationships between themselves and the Dayton region.

In doing this, they have established the H2Open for Business program advertising the great water resources this area has to offer. The ideal types of businesses for this program would need extensive amounts of water and be responsible in its use. This program would boost economic development and bring many other opportunities to this area.

The H2Open for Business is a well researched program that promotes the water resources, the Dayton region, the aquifer, the academic water resources, and the recreation and quality of life in the area. The Dayton Development Coalition wants to use this program to entice businesses that use water in their operations to consider the city of Dayton and the surrounding area as a location for expansion. According to the article, “The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out of Water” the lack of water issue is larger than most people realize.

If the Dayton area and its abundant water resources could be properly advertised in these dry cities, maybe more water intensive businesses would consider moving to this beneficial area. With the arrival of business, jobs and internships could be created, it would help boost the economy, generate academic opportunity, and renew innovation.

Not only does this area posses an exorbitant amount of renewable water systems, the community is very protective of their natural resources. The Dayton Water Conference is put on annually and sponsored by many local organizations where issues of business, development, sustainability, technology, and environment are all discussed.

All the promotion to businesses will be advantageous for the Dayton region as long as one thing is kept in mind, the philosophical principle of Utility: the greatest good, for the most people, over the longest period of time. Economic growth would be great for any city, but not at the cost of the permanent damage of the natural resources. This area is truly fortunate to have these incredible resources, and with the support of a caring community, we can benefit and enjoy them for generations to come.

Region Water Assets from the Dayton Development Coalition:

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