Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RiverMobile Update 10/19

Last Wednesday, the student design team met with Exhibit Concepts for the first design/brainstorming session. The meeting was mostly focused on the teaching techniques that will be implemented in the trailer. From these discussions, the trailer can be configured to best fit the needs of the Stewards leading the curriculum. The overall feeling of the exhibit was a main focus of the meeting. We want the RiverMobile to be something exciting and very different. The RiverMobile should almost be like an adventure through Dayton’s unique river history and exciting potential. This will hopefully make teachers want to take their classes to see and learn from the River Stewards at the RiverMobile. This will further the theme of “our rivers make us special.”

While this meeting was mostly focused on the overall theme of the exhibit, some discussion was given to specific aspects of the RiverMobile. It will be very important that the students experiencing the RiverMobile will feel like they are a part of the river system. We talked about having them walk over part of the aquifer or along the river bank looking at animals that might be seen along the river. Also an interactive game was discussed that the students would play while going through the exhibit. It would provide fun for the students, as well as, a great tool for the Stewards to determine how much the students are learning.

The student design team continues to meet outside of the meetings with Exhibit Concepts to determine curriculum and discuss questions brought up in the previous design meetings. The next meeting with ECI will occur on October 28.

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