Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RiverMobile Update

Since the last post, the student design team came up with the student learning outcomes as well the possible station topics in the trailer. In addition, the team has created on over-arching theme that will be incorporated into all aspects of the exhibit. “Our rivers make us special” will be the theme that guides all future design of the RiverMobile. The summer design team also did a number of experiential trips to meet with exhibit designers at museums around the region. The exhibit designers were extremely helpful by introducing the design team to some of the challenges associated with the use of water. They also provided ideas for testing some of the curricular activities for the RiverMobile.

From these discussions, the possible stations were created. The seven possible stations are: Dayton’s River History, Map Reading Skills, Life In and Around the River, Great Miami Watershed, Great Miami Buried Aquifer, Municipal Water, the Future of Dayton. The stations could be featured inside the trailer or incorporated into the exterior structure of the RiverMobile. Detailed information about all of the exhibits and possible features were compiled into a report that will be used in designing the RiverMobile. On September 16th, the summer design team met with Exhibit Concepts in Vandalia, Ohio to discuss a possible partnership while working on the RiverMobile.

After the meeting with Exhibit Concepts, a team was formed to work on the project through the school year. This team will be responsible for meeting with Exhibit Concepts every few weeks to finalize the design of the trailer. The team is also in charge of leading the curriculum development. The curriculum will be designed to focus on grades sixth through eighth but will be made relevant to people of all ages. The design team will be ready to present their renderings of the project sometime in February and construction will begin shortly afterwards. The release of the RiverMobile will hopefully occur in Fall 2012.

Check at Exhibit Concepts online! (http://www.exhibitconcepts.com/)

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