Monday, November 14, 2011

A Quick Update on the Last Few Weeks of the RLC

Week 9

This week, Dick Ferguson, the Director of the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, spoke to the students about different leadership styles, how they work together, and how the students can use their leadership skills to complete their projects. Dick’s presentation was very valuable for the students to learn how their projects can contribute to the Dayton community.

Each student has an advisor that is a member of the Leadership Team who will work with them to finalize their project proposals by the end of the semester. The students will also be working together to give each other feedback on the project proposals.

Week 10

Stan Kegley from the City of Troy and Dr. Janet Bednarek of UD’s History Department both presented to the class during the tenth week. This class was to teach the students about localism and regionalism. Janet discussed with the students how people tend to perceive Dayton and the Dayton region and why they perceive it as such.

Stan talked about regionalism and how Dayton can act as a region to revitalize. Stan talked about how the outdoor recreation industry has revitalized other cities. He also explained what Ohio’s Great Corridor is doing to promote the region around the Great Miami River.

Week 11

Dusty Hall returned to our classroom this year but in a different role. Dusty now works for SOCHE, Southwestern Council for Higher Education as the Executive Director of Student Development and Program Innovation. Dusty returned to the classroom to again talk to the students about leadership in Dayton. A big fan of Arthur Morgan, Dusty used Morgan as an example of leadership skills. He also pointed out the flaws Morgan had as a leader (See student Ashley Neimeier’s post below about her own learning about Morgan). Dusty brought his new co-worker with him, Maggie Varga. Maggie is a former River Steward and Graduate Assistant for the Rivers Institute. She is now the Director of Program Innovation for SOCHE. Dusty and Maggie continued their presentation with discussion on hypoxia and the cap and trade program Dusty developed.

Elise McElwain from CYP Studios followed Dusty and Maggie’s presentation with an overview of Low Impact Development techniques. Several students are planning their proposals around LID so the presentation was very beneficial. CYP Studios, located in Centerville, serves the area in landscape architecture services.

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