Wednesday, November 9, 2011

River Leadership - ASI 345

Here is a quick update from the RLC class....

Week 7

Blake Watson from UD’s law school discussed water law with the students this week. Blake drew on several case studies to explain how law pertaining to water works. He discussed law in terms of water use, rights to water, as well as law regarding pollution including the Clean Water Act. The students engaged in discussion online and in the classroom with Blake about these topics.

The students have also now submitted their first ideas for project proposals. The Leadership Team is working with each student individually to continue developing their idea before their proposals are final. We already have some great, creative ideas. We are excited to see the students develop them further!

Week 8

Below are pictures from the tour the students took of the buried Rubicon Creek with Brother Don Geiger. Brother Don also used this class as an opportunity to talk about sustainability. The students read about efforts in other cities to uncover buried streams and rivers and were able to relate these stories to the Rubicon Creek. In addition, the students revisited the definition of sustainability that they created in their second class. Since that class, the students have heard from many other disciplines so they took time to consider if those disciplines should be included in the definition as well.

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