Monday, January 9, 2012

What a Semester Apart has Taught me

Reflecting back on this semester I realized that River Stewards is a larger part of my life than I thought. Since I was Co-oping this semester I was not able to attend many of the River Steward activities. Though I was apart form the River Steward family for the entire semester I still was able to be apart of what my cohort was doing. It showed me how well our cohort works together. I was filled in on what went on in cohort meetings and got to have a say in picking our senior project. While co-oping it gave me time to reflect on what I plan on doing once I am done with school. With River Stewards I am able to reach out and connect with the community, bond with my cohort, and be exposed to issues that I have become passionate towards. All these are traits and characteristics that I want to be part of my career as an engineer or any other profession I chose. I knew this from the start, but by being a Stew it has only made it more clear to me as individual that I want my career and lifestyle to be molded around the beliefs and characteristics of River Stewards. And I cant wait for spring semester to start so I can be with my cohort and fellow River Stews once again!

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