Friday, April 13, 2012

this is what happens when you keep stewards away from the water for too long...

the 2014 cohort went to the Huffman Dam for mini course today, the first time we'd been out near the river in a while.

and we basically attacked it.

with a spirit of adventure, of course. :)

it was nice to just be out on the dam, overlooking the mad river, being five again and throwing stones and sticks in, and seeing the amazing flood protection that was implemented so long ago by some very important men with mustaches, rebuilding a new post-flood Dayton. at least that's what they look like in the pictures.

we eventually ventured down from the top of the dam to the river banks and flood plains behind it. we got our feet wet, explored the flood plains with all their pretty purple and yellow flowers, and even found a few golf balls in the water. the water was pretty cold, but that certainly didn't stop us. we could see the natural meanders of the mad river, pretty and healthy! ashley and joe even found an old barn/shed-type building with a trough inside! we came away from the river, some of us a little worse for wear, but at least i can say it was worth falling over in the river and getting soaked. :)

and on the way back, we got some pre-dinner snacks and sang in the van!

all in all, a great day with the river steward family.

much river love,

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