Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome New Baby Stews!!

Ciao Everyone!

I hope everyone's semester is going well. I look forward to meeting the new baby stews in the fall. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted!

Over the semester I have spent a lot of time surrounding myself around Rivers and bodies of water in Europe; especially the Tiber River. The Tiber runs through the center of Rome and is covered by beautiful bridges.

During my time in Rome the Tiber River's impact on me has been mostly aesthetic. Along both sides of the river there is a large path for walking, running or biking. During the day there are many people outside along the river enjoying the natural resource.

Influenced by the senior river stews, I bought a bike within the first few weeks of my trip. The Tiber has become my getaway place to bike or walk with a friend. Italians spend their afternoons lounging in the sun along the Tiber enjoying each others company; it is a wonderful sight to see so many people outside biking and sitting taking in the Rivers beauty.

A exciting thing done on the Tiber in Rome is every New Years there are a few locals who jump in the river off of a bridge to celebrate the New Year with a Splash.

I look forward to bringing my experiences back with me and making Dayton's Rivers become a getaway place for others and showing them how amazing natural resources can be. I can't wait to get back to Dayton for a paddle and see my River Steward family. I miss you all and am excited to catch up with the River.

River Love,

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