Sunday, October 19, 2014

Living in the Limelight

I know myself to be a very reflective person, and as a senior I have had lots of time to reflect about my journey at UD.   I find myself always discovering, or entering, new roles.  What roles do I have?  Well, first and foremost I am a student.  This is a role that is essential for my existence at UD, but sometimes it is easy to forget!  I, obviously, also have a role as a River Steward.   Even though I have been a River Steward since my sophomore year I have had many different roles within the program.  In addition to my River Steward roles I also have a role that is new to this year, a role as a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus.  So, why am I rambling about the roles I have on campus?  Well, it is because even though my roles seem different they really are only different on the surface. 

As I see it, one of my River Steward roles is to act as a mentor/leader to younger Stews.  If I stop by a mini-course I should be just as attentive to what is going on, as the younger Stews are.  Right now, while I helping to complete the 2015 Cohort project, I am working with middle school and high school aged students and again, I am playing the role as a mentor/leader.  Now, when I break my River Steward roles down like this it is easy to see how my position as an RA for second year students also falls into this same mentor/leader role category. 

The relationship of my different roles on campus has an even tighter bond then the category that they exist in.  As a River Steward and as an RA I, in many ways, live in a limelight on campus.  The roles I play are very visible and transparent.  I cannot be a leader without being seen, and I cannot be a mentor without opening up about my own experiences.  I embrace this visibility because I think that being conscience of this helps to make me a better person and the way the visibility makes me behave is true to myself.  Sure, ‘living in the limelight’ has its disadvantages too, but I will take the sweat and pressure as long as I continue to see myself grow into new roles and responsibilities.  So, bring on the bright lights, I am here to stay!   

River Love,
2015 Cohort

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