Friday, October 24, 2014

River Clean Up

On Sunday, October 19th, a partnership was made between two University of Dayton programs. The Marianist Leadership Scholars and the River Stewards (Cohort of 2017) traveled to the Great Miami River to pick up trash along the banks. It was a perfect afternoon. The sun was up, the sky was blue, and Dayton students were caring for their river.

As a river campus, it is important to us to care for the environment. We are more than willing to do the little things to help improve it. The River Stewards’ mission is to preserve and protect Dayton’s water resources, as well as build community around Dayton’s rivers. The Marianist Leadership Scholars’ mission is to become more aware and active in the greater Dayton community. This project allowed both groups of students to lead through service. River Stewards educated the Marianist Leadership Scholars about the Dayton aquifer and the importance of the rivers in the Dayton community. The Marianist Leadership Scholars shared with the River Stewards their mission to use their education and faith to work for justice and to serve others. Both programs enjoyed working together to service the river and the surrounding environment.

After the conclusion of the project, the two programs went to 305 Kiefaber to enjoy refreshments and build new relationships. The two groups got to bond and each participant expanded their network of friends. Although these two programs seem to differ in many ways, both have a passion for community building. The project was a great success and members from each program were able to grow from the experience.

As a Marianist Leadership Scholar and River Steward, I was incredibly happy to see both programs work together to accomplish a common goal. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw two strangers, from separate programs, become friends after one day. To me, this project built friendships and emphasized the importance of caring for our water resources.

Alvin Boyd Newman-Caro

Cohort of 2017

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