Thursday, October 16, 2014

River Plunge

September 27th was the first ever River Plunge. In partnership with Center for Social Concern, the River Stewards put on a paddle for UD students with a discussion focus on justice.

Cue perfect weather- mid 70s with yellow sunshine, blue skies, and fall leaves. 

Add a motley group of stews working like cogs in a machine, popping up throughout the day as River Mobile crew, lunch crew, boat crew, dinner crew, music crew. Mix in a great group of UD kids- different majors, different years, different interests. Put all these incredibly cool people outside, on the river, together. Let the magic happen. 

Celebrate Dayton's resources. Talk about the problems, too. Play outside. 

Leave the day feeling refreshed. Understand Dayton’s watershed a little differently. Understand how we’re all connected: people, animals, water, Earth. The environment is not only something we enjoy, but something that sustains us. Something we must appreciate, love, respect, and take care of.  

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