Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Calvary Cemetery and Hills and Dales Field Trip

On June 29, Brother Don Geiger, Maggie Varga, Kristen Crum, and I went to Calvary Cemetery and Hills and Dales Metro park to test out one of the possible field trips for the upcoming RLC class. We drove to Calvary Cemetery first to look at examples of the land use in Dayton and how some of the eskers (sand/gravel) from the glaciers are being used.

We also looked over one of the floodplains and what was built on it, as well as the other side of the valley, which is a landfill. One of the pictures shows this. Where we were standing was on a prairie. Brother Geiger was able to pick out rare plants on the prairie side. The contrast from where we were standing to what we overlooked was quite different to think about.

Then we went to Hills and Dales Metro Park and went to the Patterson Monument, which gave us a great view of the NCR golf course. That would be a good spot to have a mini course if we were to have one out there. It turned out to be a very productive field trip!

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