Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Record Setting!

Last Saturday I traveled to my hometown, Pittsburgh, to participate in events that were part of the UN World Environment Day 2010.

On Thursday I attended the Water Matters! Global Water Conference. It was a great conference and I learned even more about issues surrounding water and our use of it. One of my interests, social justice, was addressed a lot.

On Saturday (World Environment Day), I attempted to set the world record for the number of kayaks and canoes rafted together on a river with thousands of my closet friends.

The last record was held by a city in New York with a little over 1,000 boats. The organizers of the Pittsburgh event think there were around 2,000 boats on the Allegheny River on Saturday. The organizers took photos of the flotilla. Next, they will submit the photos to the Guinness Book of World Records and it will be confirmed that we are the new record holders.

It was amazing to see that many people on the river enjoying themselves. Check out the news segment below to see a cool shot of the flotilla.


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