Friday, June 25, 2010

Greetings from the Southwest! :)

Hola fellow Stewards!

As I settle in to my new home in Anthony, New Mexico, this week, I've been learning about the area and discovered something I just had to share with my beautiful Stew buddies! On the ride from the airport to the house, we crossed over a river, and I asked the Sister driving what river it was. It turns out the Rio Grande is only a mile or two from my house, and there is a bike path that goes along it! Here I am in the desert, and I've got a little piece of Dayton, OH right down the street! And there are little "mini-rivers" (irrigation canals) all around our house, since it's surrounded by farmland. It seems no matter where I am, "a river runs through it!" Just thought I would share my excitement about waterways with the ones who would understand it most! It's so great to check out this blog and see all the "waves" the lovely Stews continue to make in Dayton. Keep up the great work, friends!

River Love,

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  1. Tracey! That's so exciting! You'll have to post pictures.

    Also, nice use of the river lingo!


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