Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Triathlon on the Little Miami

This past weekend I successfully completed my first triathlon! It was a fantastic experience full of physical obstacles and mental obstacles to propel myself forward in the 3+ hrs it took to complete the race. What was unique about this triathlon was that it was a 6.1 mile canoe (rather than swim) down the Little Miami River followed by 5.5 mile run, and then an 18.0 mile bike. All in all, I raced for about 30 miles.
It was great to get to experience a paddle on the Little Miami, and I got to experience first hand the river as my partner and I capsized our canoe during the race. The current was moving so fast and he was a relatively new paddler so we ended up tipping as we rounded a bend. All in all, the canoe leg of the race was the most enjoyable of the three events. It felt as if I was at home on the water. It is amazing that while competitively paddling full force ahead that one can find an inner peace.
I encourage everyone to get out and paddle a new river this summer. It is fun and interesting to see terrain you've never seen before, and it really can bring a sense of inner peace. And if you are feeling ambitious, you are welcome to try out Morgan's Little Miami Triathlon this October!

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