Saturday, December 24, 2011

Girl Scout Canoeing

River Stewards is always a joy. We really know how to have fun whether were doing service, at a cohort meeting, debating about our senior project or doing a river cleanup in the cold, pouring rain! Teaching the girl scouts to canoe with a bunch of girl river stewards was the most fun, however.

Fourth and fifth grade girl scouts were at a camp doing all sorts of fun camping activities but they were most excited to have older role model-like girls to teach them how to canoe versus their leaders who are with them all the time and moms. We were cool in their eyes. Most of us river stewards were girl scouts in our early years and knew what it was like to be in their shoes, too.

We arrived early on a Saturday morning and although I doubted that I would be very awake seeing that Saturdays are my sleep in days, the cold water, early morning dew, and young energy from the girl scouts woke me up immediately! It was a great morning! They reminded me of when I was young....

The girl scouts were SOO incredibly excited and eager to learn! It was weird to break down for them how to use a paddle, the strokes and how to put a canoe in the water carefully since these things have come so natural to me over the years!

Look at their eager faces...

Oh, okay, maybe that's Jill & Lindsay, the river stewards, but seriously, they were excited....

And a cool cat that loved the water and campers...

So now you understand why this was my favorite activity this semester.

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