Thursday, December 29, 2011

A River Poem

I would like to express my River Love in a simple poem.
(Side Note: I apologize for my less-than-fantastic-rhyme-scheme/lack of poetic abilities)

The Stewards of the River, a family, a bond,
We kayak down rivers and teach Girl Scouts in ponds.
We’ve learned how to paddle, to drive the van “safely”,
We’ve camped and we’ve sang, and faced low ropes quite bravely.
We’ve discussed and we’ve researched, we’ve listened and taught,
We’ve been excited, and intrigued, and at times even distraught.

That very first Stew year, we learned and explored,
The Dayton bubble popped, and BOOM-- we found more!
Year two rolled around, and like that we weren’t babies,
But we’ve risen and grown into wise gentlemen and ladies.
And now my cohort ’13, they’re not simply my peers,
They’re my siblings, my collegues, my friends for the years.

And here, the new babies, so eager and bright-eyed,
And those clever seniors, (whose project we high-five!)
Above and below, the middle; all of us,
Together we create our everlasting river love.
And because we’ve learned from each other, and bonded quite well
I wanted to say, thanks river stews! For all being so swell!

Happy New Year and see you all soon!
-Jill ☺

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