Monday, December 19, 2011

My Work in the Lab

Hey everyone,

These past few weeks I have been working in the lab with my adviser. We have multiple experiments happening at one time but two of them have caught my eye.

Two of his lab leaders are doing experiments based solely around a river and how X affects it. I was invited to lab a bit too late to learn about one of the experiments fully but I do know that she was testing and studying the algae growth at different points in the river. The best part is that I was able to go out into the field, or in this case the river, and get my hands wet in frigid waters.
Now, the other experiment is just now starting and she is studying the relationship between Daphnia and how Honeysuckle affects them.

Next semester I will try to keep my blogs about this experiment with updates and such and hopefully it will be pretty interesting.

And one last thing, when I was getting off the plane someone stopped me and said "Nice shirt" and they were referring to my GearFest shirt. Its pretty cool how widespread GearFest is.

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