Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sharing Dayton, EAB, and Mad River

Hello, all! I hope everybody is having a great start to their Christmas break! I actually started off my Christmas break by going back to Dayton.

Last week I had won tickets to see the Nutcracker at the Schuster Center through, so my mom and I went to the Saturday afternoon show. Of course since we were already downtown we had to go to the 2nd Street Market for some Christmas shopping and lunch. We also did a little stroll through the Oregon District. I absolutely love taking people to Downtown Dayton because everybody is always so shocked to find all of the neat things to do. I do believe I have converted my mom into being a believer in Dayton because when I first moved to Dayton she swore it was just the pit of Ohio, and now she says that she wants to live in Dayton.

Last week I also had a very exciting meeting with the solid waste subcommittee for the Environmental Advisory Board where we started the conversation to implement recycling in the Dayton Public Schools. I spent the past semester working at Thurgood Marshall High school, and I noticed that there is no recycling at the school and apparently no recycling at any of the Dayton Public Schools. I mentioned my observation to the Board, and now the subcommittee is looking into the situation with the hopes of getting recycling at the schools! I am really excited about the project, so I will keep you posted!

One last update- this week I went and visited my high school science teacher and he told me about a project through the Ohio EPA (I think) to raise 300 trout that will be released into the Mad River. I am from Bellefontaine, which is pretty close to the start of the Mad River and the Miami river, so my school used to do a lot of projects with the Mad River. My teacher said he is having a hard time getting students interested in helping with the trout project, so I mentioned that I could come in and do a little River Steward presentation about the big picture of the rivers that are so close to home. I will also keep you posted on this project.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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