Monday, December 19, 2011

Reflection of the Semester

This semester was another great one to be a river steward! I enjoyed each mini-course and feel like I gained a lot this semester. One particular mini-course that sticks out to me was my cohort's visit to Troy. The City of Troy has done some great things to connect people to the river which include building swings, paths, and the renovation waterside restaurant. The city has many additional plans that are waiting for funding. The actions of the City of Troy give me hope for what we are doing as river stewards. It's great to see others in our corridor striving to create something that will bring members of the community to the river and outdoors. The area we live in is unique and we need to enjoy what Dayton and the surrounding communities have to offer. Being river stewards we are lucky enough to know this, but it's our job to tell others!
Happy holidays! Be sure to take some friends to RiverScape for ice skating next semester!
(More info about Troy can be found at

Elizabeth Wetzel

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